SouthKiteSardinya is a sport association founded by a group of friends, who love their land and water sports, with the intention to share a life style and the practice of kitesurfing and SUP to live with others intense moment of freedom e fun.

Located in one of the most beautiful area in the South of Sardinia, we offer kitesurfing courses ( performed by certified IKO instructors ), SUP courses and equipment rental for both activities.


The main characteristic of the spot are the constant wind and flat water, which make it suitable for beginners as well as more experienced kiters who want to perfect the most difficult maneuvers.


The “Maestrale" is the most frequent wind during the summer season, which runs from June to September, and thanks to the land shapes it blows steady and with the right intensity.

Even the “Ostro” (S Wind), “Scirocco” (S/SE Wind) and “Libeccio” (SW Wind) work very well and give beautiful emotions.

When “Ponente” (W Wind) blows we move to other spots that are only a few minutes away and are also rare and memorable beauty.

Wave lovers will also find the opportunity to enjoy fabulous wave spots around the area.  

The view from our spot is breathtaking, the chill-out area adjacent to the lagoon will make you connect with the nature of the place and will allow you to completely relax.

A car parking is available at just a few meters away from the kite parking area, so you won’t have to struggle carrying your equipments.

It will also be possible to stay in our characteristic apartments located on the spot and in others that are only 10 minutes away by car.  

And when the sun goes down you can visit near locations where you can appreciate traditional food and wines.

Who’s got energy and is unstoppable will find different kind of places to have fun all night long.  


Make sure to come to visit us, so we can all enjoy together the beauty of Sardinia.

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