Kitesurf School

Our courses are performed by qualified instructors, which own BLS certificate (First-Aid) and boat driving license, in respect to the highest safety standards we posses a motorized dinghy for the rescue.


During the lessons our students will wear a lifejacket and a radio-helmet to always communicate with the instructor.


The available courses are designed to offer the best quality of teaching at a fair price.

The objectives of each course are reachable for most of the students, it’s also true that every person is different from another one, there will always be someone who learn faster or slower in reference to the duration of the course.

 For this reason, who won’t be able to reach the goals at the end of the course will receive an extra hour of lesson offered by SouthKiteSardinya.

 Who will learn faster than expected will not be stopped or slowed down on moving forward but will be motivated to learn what’s coming further.

 To satisfy every request we also offer lessons of one hour at the price of 60 euro.




Single hour kite lessons are useful for those who want to improve their technique or to achieve small goals.


Price: 60 Euro

The discovery course is suggested to all who wants to get their hands on a kite for the first time.

On the very first hour you’ll already feel the excitement of piloting a kite.


Thanks to our method, during the Discovery Course, short line will be used so that the kite won’t generate too much power; this method simplify the piloting and guarantee a fast progression.


Course Objectives 


  •          Spot assessment ( be able to identify any possible hazard, anywhere in the world )
  •          Learn the emergency maneuver ( maneuver that allow you to completely disconnect the kite in case of emergency )
  •          Learn to arm a kite
  •          Be an assistant during the take off and landing procedures
  •          Piloting a kite in shallow waters and first exploration of the wind-window* ( *area of the sky where the kite is able to fly )
  •     Re-launch the kite from the water
  •         Take off and land with an assistant
  •          Learn the self-land procedure
  •          Learn to disarm and fold a kite
  •          Learn to wrap the kite bar


During the course we will teach you all the theory necessary with a dynamic method that will make you learn very quick.


Duration of the course: 2 hours

Price: 100 euro


It’s time to use some power! 

At the end of this course you’ll earn good piloting skills, you’ll be able to move in deep waters, going up-wind using your body position and you’ll get your feet on the board!


Thanks to our method, during the Intermediate Course, short and medium lines will be used, so that the kite won’t generate too much power; this method simplify the piloting and guarantee a fast progression.


Course Objectives


  • Get in and out the water while piloting the kite
  • First body-drag ( in this phase you’ll get a taste of the traction of kite )
  • Power body-drag ( learning to move down-wind using more power of the kite )
  • Up-wind body-drag ( this technique is essential to get your board back )
  • Up-wind body-drag carrying the board
  • Self-rescue discovery ( be able to get safe in deep water using the kite as floating device )
  • Right of way introduction
  • Steady-pull ( pre-exercise that help with the water start
  • Water start



Duration of the course: 4 hours

Price: 200 euro



The independence course is aimed at all the riders who have a good control of the kite and want to get their skills to the next level.


At the end of this course you’ll be able to ride fast, make some nice moves and maybe add some style to it! But that’s not all…


This course is all you need to become an independent kiter.


Thanks to our method, the Indipendent course will be always run in a safe environment e thanks to our qualified instructor you’ll be supported and motivated to reach your goals!


Course Objectives


  • Speed control
  • Ride up-wind
  • Transition turns ( sliding turns to change the navigation direction )
  • Riding toe-side
  • Toe-side turns ( change navigation direction while passing from toe-side to heel-side )
  • Self-lunch technique
  • Self-rescue in deep waters



Duration: 6 hours

Price: 300 euro

Most of us kiters, right after we learn how to go upwind, we feel the need to take-off and fly above the water and to execute more advanced maneuvers.

In our lagoon all this become a lot easier with the stable wind conditions and the flat water.

If you want to get to the next level and learn new tricks, this is just the course for you! 


The maneuvers you'll learn will give you a solid base to work on, for continuing to learn tricks by your self...


Course Objectives 


  • Execute a "pop" (jumping without the use of the kite) 
  • Basic Jump (combining the "pop" with steering the kite)
  • Transition Jump (change direction of navigation before landing)
  • Back-Roll and Front-Roll (Rotations during the flight)


Duration: N/D

Price: €60/hour

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